Major Marc "Prowler" Desrosiers

Buccaneer Squadron Commanding Officer

Renegade Wind Defense Ribbon with dual cluster  AiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Bronze Star

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Droid Programming and Repair
Combat Specialty Unarmed combat
Side Arm SSW-Sniper Rifle with sighting device
Favorite Beverage Whyren's Reserve
Physical Description Brown hair, Paired eyes( blue and green) Weight: 70kg, Height: 1.7 meters


Marc was born youngest of two siblings, of a rich couple of wood-manufacturers on Cardooine. At the age of 5, his parents moved to a resort space station and took up residence there. As he grew up, he learned the ways of commerce and the natural spying business that goes with it. His parents also decided that he should learn how to fly. They sent him to the Cardooine Aerospace Academy, where he learned to fly Z-95s and Y-wings. His parents and sister were killed in a freak transport accident when he was 11, leaving him an incredible amount of money by way of their will. At first, he stayed with the Academy where he graduated, but after, he simply flaunted his money on trips around the galaxy.

One day, in the Obroa-Skai system, as his personal shuttle left a docking bay, a Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace and took control of the station. Everybody, including him, was taken down to interrogation. As he was young, the Imperials started by a level 15 interrogation, leaving him in fairly good shape afterwards. A guard came in one day to bring him to the transfer turbolift and then he struck. He killed the guard and took the the guard's uniform and the security pass. As he headed out toward a shuttle bay, he saw through a transparisteel window a level-1 interrogation going on. The images of that moment are sealed into his mind forever. He broke into the cell and shot the Intelligence Agent and the stormtrooper inside. He helped the young prisoner, a woman, and brought her with him to the docking bay. He shot two technicians and got on a Skipray BlastBoat. As he took the Skipray into hyperspace, the young woman woke up. Her name was Lyrtia Desori; she was a native of Toprawa and a Rebel Intelligence Agent. She was undecover to find out information on the defense of Obroa-Skai. She explained to him what the Rebel Alliance stood for, and more and more he thought that the ideals of the Rebellion were his ideals as well.

They headed to the Rebel Base on Hoth, where he joined up with the Rebel Alliance. But before he became a pilot, the Empire struck at Hoth. He piloted a Shuttle, carrying Lyrtia and other Intelligence officers, out of the system. After the disaster at Hoth, he joined the Starfighter Division of the RAAF ( Rebel Alliance Armed Forces), where he became a pilot in a month and joined up with Blue Squadron. After six months of hard work and fighting the Empire in Blue Squadron, he applied to be a pilot in the Renegade Wing. He transmitted his application to Corsair Leader, but was denied his application since Corsair Squadron contained a full billet of pilots. Seeing that Buccaneer Squadron had an opening he returned to the simulator and attempted to change his flight qualifications to heavy assault. After another month of intense training, he gained the proper credentials to send an application to Buccaneer Squadron.

Order of The Jedi

AiTOD Campaign Medal with Bronze Star