Captain Adam "Guardian" Burns

Buccaneer Two

Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon-Single Cluster AiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Bronze Cluster

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Medicine/First Aid
Combat Specialty Fighter Cover, Search and Rescue
Side Arm Hold-out Blaster
Favorite Beverage Ithorian Green Tea
Physical Description Human male, 25 standard, 1.82m, 69kg, blond hair, blue eyes


Adam was born the son of a Clone Wars-era fighter pilot on Ghorman. His father raised him and honed his instincts and hand-eye coordination razor sharp by flying different kinds of airspeeders on his homeworld. While he was still in school with dreams of attending the Imperial Academy, Adam's life abruptly took a huge downward turn when his parents were killed by the then-Captain Tarkin in the infamous Ghorman massacre. Crushed by this turn of events, Adam left his homeworld with his inheritance, his dream shattered.

Adam wound up on the Ithorian herd ship Bazaar, low on money and with no friends. His explorations had made him deadly with a blaster pistol, although he preferred not to use deadly force unless absolutely necessary. On the Bazaar, he was approached by an Ithorian mystic named Kol'tar. Kol'tar took Adam in and began to teach him the healing arts. Two years later, Kol'tar proclaimed him ready for the universe and disappeared into the Mother Jungle.

Adam immediately joined the Alliance, volunteering his services as a medic. He served valiantly in this capacity for several months, until a sudden evacuation of a Rebel base forced him behind the controls of a Y-Wing fighter. For his brilliant flying in the evacuation, as well as his masterful wingman skills (he is an expert at keeping attacking fighters off of friendlies on attack runs) he was christened "Guardian."

Another year passed. Guardian fell in love with another pilot named Cori "Angel" Jocert. The two were pledged to be married. Two weeks before the set date, they were flying their Y-Wings in a cover maneuver for a supply convoy. They were jumped by an overwhelming number of TIE Interceptors launched from two Star Destroyers. The cover flight fought valiantly, and the convoy escaped. The Y-Wings began a fallback maneuver, and Guardian and Angel were the last two pilots left, when Angel's craft was hit hard and died in space.

Guardian snapped and ignored his retreat order, falling into an orbit around the stricken Y-Wing and annihilating any TIE that attacked her. Eventually, the TIEs returned to their command ships, and the Destroyers left. Still, Guardian waited, in case the Imperials returned.

Twenty hours later, an Alliance rescue shuttle arrived. They found Guardian still in his fighter, still patrolling the area, but Angel had died before they got there. To this day, Guardian refuses to discuss the incident with anyone, including the commanders who attempted to debrief them. The onboard computer on Guardian's ship is the only surviving witness, and recorded a terrible tale--Guardian swore to remain with Angel until rescue could arrive, but Angel died of asphyxiation in her cockpit, speaking her last words to Guardian.

What is know is that Guardian has requested a change of duty to an A-wing squadron. His commanders think that he blames the slow speed of the Y-Wing as a major factor in Angel's death, and even when he flew Y-Wings he would land, then (if possible) fly out with any rescue craft heading out. He flew for some time with Corsair Squadron, but his skills in the Y-Wing caused high command to reassign him to Buccaneer Squadron.

In any mission where Buccaneer is not needed, Guardian will automatically volunteer as the rescue pilot. Guardian considers himself to be on duty twenty-four-seven, and, as a consequence, avoids alcohol (unless there is absolutely no chance of flying in the next 24 hours). He is a quiet, withdrawn man who prefers to give others the glory and collect life debts that he never intends to cash in on.


AiTOD Campaign Medal with Bronze Cluster