1st Lieutenant Robert "Paladin" Hasegawa

Buccaneer 7

Renegade Wind Defense Ribbon Regular Service Ribbon with Crimson Pip

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Wilderness Survival
Combat Specialty Hand to Hand Combat
Side Arm BlasTech DL-18; Lomabian Fighting Sword *
Favorite Beverage Locampy Juice
Physical Description Human Male, age 23 standard, 1.58m, 61kg, black hair, brown eyes


Born on the colony of Lomabi into the fighting class. Robert "Paladin" Hasegawa was to be trained to be one of the protectors of the planet. Each warrior receives a battle name at the beginning of his or her training. The name Paladin is translated to "Fighter of the Light." He was given this name because he was pure of heart and will only fight on the side of good against any evil.

Paladin was trained in the skills of hand-to-hand combat, piloting, and wilderness survival which includes the ability to make crude weapons and tools from scratch, tracking, and hunting. It is strenuous training, and only the truest warriors complete it. Also, there is a test that each trainee must take before he can become recognized as a true fighter.

Paladin was in the final part of his training when the Empire came to his world. The Empire seemed nice enough, so the Lomabians agreed to sign a treaty of alliance. However, the Lomabians soon became suspicious when an Imperial garrison was set up and a star destroyer stationed in orbit. When they demanded that the garrison and star destroyer be removed, the Imperials reacted with bloodshed. The Lomabians in turn reacted violently by destroying both the garrison and the star destroyer.

The Lomabians, knowing that the Empire would be back, quickly began evacuation of the planet. Evacuation was in its final group when an Imperial fleet jumped into the system. The cover for the transports was to be in two groups. One group to provide escort for the escaping transports, the other group was to create a diversion for by striking headlong at the Imperials until the last ship jumped out. Paladin was in the diversionary group. This was to be his final test. The fighters threw themselves at the Imperials with ferocity.

Paladin proved himself well in the battle, accounting for more than twenty-five kills. The evacuation was a success, however the Lomabians did take heavy losses, of the eighty ships which were in the diversionary force, only five were able to jump out.

Many of the survivors decided to find a new world to live on away from the curse of the Empire. Paladin on the other hand decided to fight because he knew no one would be safe until the Empire and its evil was defeated. He joined the Alliance hoping that with them he can achieve his goals. Paladin has a strong enthusiasm for the Rebellion and as a friend his loyalty, once gained, is not easy to match. He will be a great help to the Alliance.

* A Lomabian Fighting Sword is made from a light but strong alloy. Its blade works like that of a vibroblade and can cut through stormtrooper armor like a cutting laser through steel. It is activated by its removal from its scabbard. A very effective weapon in close combat.

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