Major "Kallysto" Young

Corsair Squadron Executive Officer

AiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Bronze Cluster

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon/Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Long Range Scout/Test Pilot
Combat Specialty Fencing Instructor
Side Arm Vibrosabre and Standard Blaster
Favorite Beverage Karideph Honey Tea
Physical Description Human male, age 37 standard, 1.72m, 76kg, raven hair, dark brown eyes, cybernetic left arm and hand.


Kallysto is the heir to the Varan Holographic Studios legacy on the entertainment world of the Minos Cluster, Adarlon. Brought up as the son of a holoactor-turned-executive, Kallysto showed up on holoscreens at an early age as a child actor, and remained popular into his early 20's as an action-hero actor, specializing in swordfighting and daredevil craft stunts.

A shuttle accident claimed both his parents, and suddenly Kallysto was at the helm of one of the more prosperous studios in the sector. He used part of his inheritance to fund a starcraft company, building customized 'fightercraft' for use in more films. In truth, he was using the movies and the speed to bury his grief about his parents.

Alliance scouts cleverly gave him evidence that the death of his parents was at the hands of Imperials, in the hopes of perhaps gaining a wealthy ally in the sector, one who could also go places under the guise of 'filming a movie'.

It would have worked, except that finding a target for his anger caused Kallysto to produce films that were more and more anti-Imperial in light, much to the dismay of his investors. Kallysto was also taken on as a courier, using the starcraft to run information around the sector.

The last straw came when filming 'Starrunners IV: Janno On A Rampage', when Kallysto left his marks and fired on an Imperial Customs Frigate, using a modified stuntfighter that had been loaded with real concussion missiles. Though it was claimed as an accident with a navicomputer, the Imperials decided to shut the studio down, effectively ending Kallysto's screen career.

Drun Cairnwick, Rebel sympathizer in the sector, asked Kallysto if he was still willing to serve against the Empire. He agreed, and quietly turned the starcraft company into a production plant for A-Wing prototypes, testing several of the alpha-class craft himself.

A crash with an Imperial gunboat cost him his left arm from the elbow down; since the accident he's never been quite the same; more subdued, quiet, laconic. Still shows up for muster call; still takes the A-wings out. A handful more starcraft losses, almost as if he was trying to kill himself; he hasn't succeeded yet. Cairnwick tried giving him some responsibility, making him close-combat instructor. It worked, mostly.

Kallysto talks only when he needs to. He's at his best when he's far from the public eye, on long range scouting missions; preferrably as far and as fast as possible. He likes flying alone.

Kallysto has only one vice; Capital ships. Perhaps it's a death wish, still, but he'll go right for a capital ship if he sees one, avoiding covering fightercraft on the way. The crown prize in his canopy marks the old Victory Class Star Destroyer, Chariot, assigned to the Minos sector just for Imperial presence.


AiTOD Campaign Medal with Bronze Cluster