2nd Lieutenant Will "Locker" Bevan

Corsair 12

  Order of the Jedi Sharp Shooter Ribbon Top Gun Silver Cluster - Gold Device

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon/Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starfighter/Starship mechanics
Combat Specialty Heavy Infantry Weapons
Side Arm Modified Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle nicknamed the STK
Favorite Beverage Grask
Physical Description Corellian male, age 26, 1.71m, jet-black hair, blue eyes.


Will grew up on Corellia with his father. Will never new his mother and always wishes he did, he was deprived a strong female presence during his childhood and has suffered because of it. He finds it hard to show his emotions and become close with anyone. His mother actually died in childbirth and his father was so distraught by his wife's death that did as little as possible to help Will as he grew up. Jack took a job as manager on a little used space platform, to try and get away from his grief. Will was too young to remember where it was, as he stowed away on a freighter to the Outer Rim when he was twelve. He has never seen his father since.

The freighter captain discovered Will lurking around the ship and chucked him off in some asteroid base in the Outer Rim. The name started with V but he can't remember the full name. He stayed alive by begging, stealing and helping freighters unload. When he was old enough he joined the crew of a Corellian Corvette called "Black Hole 1". He did every chore that was not allocated to anyone else aboard his new home. He made a friend of the head engineer, Allcum Fraser, and spent the next two years working aboard the Corvette saving his earnings and learning about starfighter and starship mechanics. His natural aptitude for the job was uncanny and he was soon given an official posting on the Corvette as assistant engineer. In his mind this was great, it was a titled job, even if it was on as run-down Corvette. It was a job that he was proud of and that was all that mattered to him.

One night Will was woken up by the sound of sirens yelling and laser blasts impacting on the hull. This scared him half to death, he guessed that the Corvette must be in battle, but he had never been in battle before. He was full of fear and adrenaline as he scrambled out of his bunk and made his way to his post. The bulkhead opened to the main engine room in front of him as a laser blast hit the hull. The resulting shock knocked him off his feet and smashed his head on the bulkhead. The next thing he remembers is Allcum kneeling next to him trying to get Will to his feet. He got the impression he needed his help. Just as Will got to his feet a power conduit exploded next to him and sent shrapnel toward him and Allcum. Will was flung across the room as a large piece of jagged alloy sliced into his right fore arm. Will screamed in pain an looked at his arm. He found the shrapnel was lodged between his two bones and sticking out each side of his fore arm, He looked over to Allcum and he forgot about his own pain, Allcum was lying on the deck face up with shrapnel imbedded in the front of his skull. He was lying in an ever increasing pool of blood with no hope of life. Will distraught by his friend's death and collapsed where he stood. Little more is known of what happened next - he avoids the subject at all costs, and if you manage to persuade Will to tell you anything about it, he is as vague as 160 year old pencil drawing that has been left out in the rain.

After he left the Corvette he spent several years around the Outer Rim, just drifting from place to place doing any work he could to build up his supply of money. While in some back street bar he discovered his favorite drink, a "Grask". He doesn't know what it's made from and doesn't care to know, as it looks very unhealthy in a certain way. The red part of the liquid seems to boil at room temperature and flows in circles. He feels very ill for days after just a single "Grask" and has the opinion that if he got drunk on them, then pasted out he wouldn't wake up, ever.

He made his way out of the Outer into the Inner Rim but not before pooling his remaining money, and bought an old YT-1300. It was more run down than the Corvette he worked on before and just "rusty" wasn't a word that could be used accurately. It was in a terrible state and looking back on it he was amazed it flew at all. It took him a month to learn to fly the think before he left the outer rim, which he hoped would be for good. He met a young lady known locally as Angel in a bar, and to this day never found her real name. He does remember she was down on her luck and she was an experienced pilot, which he wasn't. He offered her the opportunity to join him in business. She had some unusual contacts and got them a job smuggling arms to Hoth, but they picked the wrong time and were caught in the battle above the planet. A Rebel transport helped him and he escaped, with his life, to the Alliance, with his recently found partner killed and in much pain from his injuries. He joined the Alliance as infantry and received training in heavy weapons. He swore to make the Empire pay for the death of his friend, and soon proved he could do so.

He was posted on a Corvette called the "Jason" as security, which he felt was a little demeaning, as he was in fact specialized in Assault with heavy weapons. Unknown to him, the Corvette was trying to sneak past an Imperial patrol without detection but they failed. A pair of GUNS and an ATR drooped out of hyperspace and immediately sent torpedoes flying towards the Corvette. The two Z-95s that were escorting the Corvette moved to intercept the GUNS and managed to destroy all but four of the torpedoes, which consumed the old Corvette's shields in no time at all. The only hope was for the Z-95s to give the Corvette enough time to reach its hyperspace co-ordinates and to get out of there. The Zs were made mincemeat and the Corvette was disabled. The ATR docked with the Corvette and spilled out its contents of stormtroopers onto the Rebels. This was the first time he would take active part in combat. During the firefight his standard issue blaster jammed at a definitely bad time, he caught a blast in the shoulder that sent him flying to the deck. He saw a stormtrooper rifle 2 meters away from him. This would mean his life if he could get to it. Trying to ignore the pain he threw himself towards the rifle and while still sliding across the deck he opened fire on the advancing stormtroopers. For a second he really thought he was a lawnmower. The Alliance troops managed to push back the stormtrooper advance, and some Alliance reinforcements arrived and destroyed the GUNS and the ATR. With Will's knowledge of Starship Mechanics he helped with the repair of the Corvette and they were soon on their way again. He has kept the stormtrooper blaster rifle ever since, since the rifle belonged to the first stormtrooper that fell at his hands. It's is a sort of memento and trophy for him, and with a friend modifying it for him it has earned the name the Stromtrooper Killer or STK for short. The whole ordeal reminded Will of his first job on the Freighter "Black Hole 1", the resembelence was uncanny.

He had always wanted to fly a starfighter and managed to get a friend of his in Starfighter Command to fly against him in a combat simulator. To the amazement of his friend, he was a natural at flying. His ability was brought to the attention of his superiors and he was soon transferred to Starfighter Command.

While in a combat simulator with his new squadron he discovered a lethal technique. He would go for an offset head-on pass and at the last moment dumbfire a pair of concussion missiles at his target. Whatever his friends did, they could not counter this attack successfully. Because of this he was aptly nicknamed "Locker", as he never used a missile lock. However, many of his comrades have now perfected techniques that stop Will's dumbfiring nature, but he still uses it when they are least expecting it.

He has been part of the Alliance ever since and has shown incomparable loyalty and dedication. On his 26th birthday he asked for a transfer to Corsair Squadron based upon the CRS Liberty. Four weeks later he was excepted into the squadron as Corsair Twelve. He requested the #12 spot for good luck and so far it has brought him such. He intends to earn himself a name on this ship even if it kills him.

Platinum Supernova

Order of The Jedi