2nd Lieutenant Joseph "Icestorm" McCormick

Corsair Five

AiTOD Campaign Ribbon

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon/Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starship design
Combat Specialty Ground Assault-Heavy
Side Arm Custom Twin Barrel Heavy Carbine
Favorite Beverage Frozen Slider
Physical Description Human male, age 23 standard, 1.8m, 90kg, red hair, brown eyes.


Joseph was born in the Rendaii Star System at a worker colony for the Rendaii Imperial Shipyards. Joseph's father who was a ship designer for the Imperial Navy allowed Joseph to visit the Shipyard and to look at the various ships as they were being designed. Joseph's knowledge of ships grew and he soon became as adept at designing as his father was. He was allowed to fly in the fighter sims when he reached the age of 15 and he soon became a master at the quick, agile ships such as the TIE Interceptor and newly developed TIE Advanced. It was becoming quite clear that Joseph would pursue his future in the Imperial Navy.

By the time Joseph was 18 he was a superior pilot to those at the shipyard. He was scheduled to transfer to the Imperial Academy at Corulag the next day. As fate or the Force would have it, this was not to be. Imperial Intelligence had learned that someone on Joseph's father's design team was sending the newest blueprints to the rebels. The Imperials immediately killed everyone in the research team and their families without an investigation. Joseph was out testing a TIE Advanced when he received word of the Imperial execution of his family. Joseph flew into a rage at his family's death and at the lack of justice in the Imperial system. He launched his ship into a head on attack on the Imperial Shipyards. Though he did little damage to the heavily armoured shipyard, he destroyed several TIE Fighters that were sent to oppose his onslaught. Finally realizing he was outnumbered and outgunned he swore on his life that he would destroy Empire. With that Joseph set course for Corellia and made the run to light speed.

Joseph began his new life on Corellia and offered himself and his ship as guns-for-hire. He was quickly offered a job as an escort fighter for the Corellian Corvette Jadestone. He spent a few years fighting off pirate attacks until, on a supply mission to the small rebel fighter base on the planet Tierfon the Jadestone was ambushed by an Imperial taskforce consisting of an Assault Transport and a flight group of Assault Gunboats. Joseph and the two Z-95 Headhunters on escort moved to intercept the incoming Imperial attackers so that the Jadestone had some time and a small chance to jump to safety. The Z-95's quickly fell victim to missiles from the gunboats. Knowing there was no way he could win in a pitched battle against the gunboats Joseph resolved to save the Jadestone from capture by leading the Imperials away. He quickly fired two concussion missiles into the ATR's engines, igniting the fuel cells and consuming the transport in a wave of fire. The gunboats, seeing the destruction of their ATR moved to engage Joseph, but Joseph made a run through a field of giant frozen asteroids. The gunboats followed Joseph into the Ice field, but not having the same manoeuvrability as Joseph's TIE Advanced they were all quickly destroyed by the frozen asteroids. Just as Joseph was exiting the Ice field to rejoin the Jadestone he was hit by a piece of asteroid that crushed his starboard engine. Joseph just barely managed to limp back to the corvette on one engine and docked. His run through the Ice field had earned him the nickname "Icestorm" with the crew. The captain of the Jadestone, who had become Joseph's good friend, said he could get his TIE repaired at the rebel outpost they were heading for.

At the outpost while waiting for his ship to be repaired Joseph was offered the chance to try out a Rebel A-Wing fighter, he agreed and immediately fell in love with the sleek nimble craft. Joseph also realized that the Rebel Alliance would be his perfect chance to get his vengeance against the Empire for the death of his family. He quickly signed up as an A-Wing pilot, but he was forced to abandon his Tie-Advanced. He donated his ship to the Alliance, but melted of a piece of the starboard wing that he had formed into a double barrel heavy carbine. Joseph was first assigned to Commander Varth's Wing under Lieutenant Pash Cracken's A-Wing squadron. After flying with them for a year he requested transfer to the famed Corsair Squadron on the Calamari Cruiser Liberty where the best of the best A-Wing pilots were.

Joseph will continue his promise of destroying the Empire, even if it means his life.

AiTOD Campaign Medal