Captain Jonathan "Condor" Rees

Corsair 9

Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon Regular Service Ribbon with Bronze Pip

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon/Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Sabotage
Combat Specialty Space Superiority
Side Arm Stouker Concussion Rifle
Favorite Beverage Corellian Aftershock
Physical Description Corellian male, age 18 standard, 1.9 m, 79 kg, brown hair, eye color: Blue


Jonathan was the son of a smuggler from the Corellian System. When he was, young his father's ship was raided by the Empire. His family was killed, their property impounded, and Jonathan was taken away to be brought up in a correctional facility on Coruscant. He kept his hatred for the Empire to himself until the chance for revenge arose.

Once old enough to leave the facility, he got a job with a friend of his fatherís on another smuggling ship. There he flew a Z-95 against the Empire's fighters in missions where his smuggling group stole weapons and other goods from the Empire. Many of his new friends were killed when the Empire finally caught up with the small group and dealt a fierce blow to their forces. Jonathan barely escaped with his life and his ship. He then sought work as a mercenary pilot, where he earned enough money to carry out the next stage of his battle against the Empire. Jonathan vowed to get even, and once he had enough money, he bought a newer, more powerful ship -- a Y-wing starfighter. Jonathan then embarked on a series of independent torpedo-bombing attacks against minor Imperial targets.

Apart from getting the attention of the Empire and a substantial bounty on his head, his actions caught the interest of the Rebel Alliance, who sent a representative for discussions about putting his "feelings" for the Empire to a more productive use. Jonathan then joined the Alliance, where he gained a reputation for efficiency as well as the nickname Condor, which he earned with his prowess in combat. He began his career in Blue Squadron where he served in the Bomber TSW, but after a few months transferred to Corsair Squadron, where he hopes to fulfill his desire to pay back the Empire and its starfighter pilots.