#LibertyLounge IRC FAQ v 1.1

Hello, and welcome to the Liberty Net IRC FAQ!

Your ServerOps are:
Bill "Outlaw" Bradley

Your FAQ Writer is Michael "Parody" Miller

When does Renegade Wing meet?

Our weekly meeting is held in #LibertyLounge on the Mos Eisley Cantina IRC Server, at 2:00 PM USA Eastern time.

How can I join the Liberty Lounge?

Well, what you want to do is get an IRC Client. IRC Clients let you talk with other people on an IRC Server. Some of the more popular include mIRC and Pirch for Windows machines, IRCLE for the Mac, and IRCII (try just irc) for Unix. You will want to make sure you have one of these installed before you try to connect.

Once you get past that little hurdle, you're ready to go. Pull up your IRC client. You need to Add a new server to the predefined list. There may be an Add button, or there may be a configure option. Unix users will want to use the /SERVER command to connect.

The information you want to use is:
Name: Mos Eisley Cantina
Address: bhorizon.com
Port: 6667
No password is needed.

Add that to the server list, then tell your client to connect. You should get the Message Of The Day. Now you can connect to the Liberty Lounge, by using your IRC client's Join command: /JOIN #LibertyLounge

Permanent Channels

Currently there are 2 permanent channels:

What if I want to talk with a few other people in Private?

If you want to talk in a room other than the permanent ones, all you have to do is /JOIN the channel as you normally would. If nobody else is in a channel, you should automatically get Ops. If there is a channel you'd like to see permanent, talk to the ServOp.

Help! I have an @ in front of my name!

The @ symbol in front of a person's nickname designates that person as an Channel Operator, or "Op". Ops have special powers over the channel, and mostly are there to protect us from people who are being jerks.

Who should have Ops?

The common rule for the Liberty Lounge has been: at least two people should have Ops, and those people should be the COs or XOs, if available. If you're not a CO/XO and one comes in, please give him or her Ops. If you're not a CO/XO and there's two or more CO/XOs there with Ops, please deOp yourself.

How do I hand off Ops?

There's two ways: one is with a typed command, and the other depends on your IRC Client.

Many of the Graphical IRC Clients have a list of people in the "room" with you. In many, you can click on a name (or names), and then right-click or otherwise do a command that will Op or DeOp someone. Try checking your help files on "Ops" or "operator".

To give Ops to someone through the command line, you would type /mode +o #LibertyLounge Stryker. To DeOp someone with a command line, /mode -o #LibertyLounge LaM3R.

What are the responsibilities of Ops?

Ops can kick people who are misbehaving. They can ban people who are being constant pains by using /ban nickname (which many clients support). If you want more of a tutorial on being an Op, feel free to ask Parody.

What happened to Mixer?

Unfortunately, Mixer is dead because Moose accidently nailed him in the head with a sabot ewok from his launcher. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for bar duty. BTW- Keep your head down :)

If you have any other questions or would like more info to be added to the FAQ, contact Stryker.


Much thanks to Outlaw and Blue Horizon Enterprises for hosting our group!

We hope to see you next Saturday!