1st Lieutenant Kevin Koernig

Security Officer

Technical Specialty Communication and Weapons systems
Combat Specialty Alliance and Imperial Special Forces training
Side Arm Blastech X000 Special Edition
Favorite Beverage Frozen Lemonade Physical
Physical Description Human male, age undeclared, 1.9 m, brown hair, blue eyes


From the earliest he remembers, Kevin was part of a special training program for Imperial Special Forces. Drafted at birth, he was part of a small class of about ten undergoing training to become one of the Emperor's elite Special Forces, the troops that carry out his law above all else with deadly precision. While none of the students were force sensitive to the level required of a Jedi, the Emperor's special training helped augment the student's abilities so that they could sometimes sense the feelings of people around them, as long as those people did not have a trained mind or did not want to hide the information. The students were also taught the many skills of an elite warrior. They were taught several languages, technical knowledge, hand to hand combat styles, weapon knowledge, marksmanship, and piloting skill. Kevin trained dilligently and soon he was placed in the field.

Throughout his first few assignments he did his duty for the Empire well. He found it fulfilling to destroy those who opposed peace in the galaxy, especially those smugglers who disobeyed the law and smuggled supplies to the Rebellion. However, on one mission he found the Empire was not interested in peace. His mission had started with infiltrating a village which supposedly had rebel ties. Kevin found that the village had no such ties, and reported this to Imperial high command. Imperial high command responded by telling Kevin that the Emperor had sent an order for Kevin to plant information that linked this village to the alliance and then destroy it. This order smashed Kevin's belief system, for although he had gone through many years of Imperial brainwashing his beliefs on right and wrong held firm. He felt it was his duty to uphold peace in the galaxy and he had always felt the Empire did this. His morality was too strong for the Imperial brainwashing and he kept it with him all throughout his career, so when he understood what the Empire truly represented he fell into a moral dilemma, not knowing who was right or wrong anymore.

To solve his problem, Kevin lashed out at the nearest Imperial starport, by planting bombs and destroying it. After that he became a Rebel, hunted by the very Imperial forces he had once served admirably. After nearly a year of running he needed money and put his training to use as a security officer on an independent corvette. This corvette was owed by a man named Taff Calnan, a merchant who had strong ties to the Rebel Alliance. Taff set out to cure young the young man of the demons he saw Kevin possessed, and he took up a fatherly position for the young man who had never known any family. Kevin eagerly embraced Taff, and from him relearned a sense of right and wrong. It was then that Kevin realized that the Rebel Alliance were the ones who truly supported peace in the galaxy, and he was a strong influence on Taff to formally join the rebel alliance.

The Alliance embraced Taff and made him an officer. Kevin left Taff's group early on to pursue a career as a commando. His commando unit saw a lot of service throughout the war and he served bravely and was cited for bravery in the face of the enemy. Then, one day his unit was placed to guard the evacuation of the Rebel base on Hoth. It was during this battle that he earned his nickname, "Gemini", because he always seemed to be in two places at once. One moment he was firing at Imperial walkers and the next he was saving men from an exploding gun turret. Although most of his commando unit was wiped out he managed to save several wounded soldiers from the frozen tundra and escaped on the last transport.

After Hoth Kevin was recruited into the Alliance special forces. After a year of classified duties, Kevin was re-assigned to the CRS Liberty. Here he became the security officer and was assigned to protect the Liberty and redesign its security system.

Kevin is generally a quiet and serious man. He prefers to sit in the background and observe situations instead of actively participating in them. He is a nice person who will do a person a favor without requesting anything in return, and thus has accumulated a number of people who feel they owe him. During his travels under Alliance special forces he accumulated a pet Sting Ray named Bob. This Sting Ray sits in a tank in Kevin's quarters and is very intelligent but Kevin can still not read Bob's feelings. Bob also has a huge appetite and will eat almost anything if the situation presents itself. Kevin still retains his ties with Taff, and this is evident through the fact that Taff constantly sends Kevin interesting items he finds. When he is not on duty, Kevin can usually be found in the back corner of the lounge, working on something by himself, for he tends to be a loner and often avoids the crowds of people that frequent the Liberty Lounge. Another of Kevin's idiosyncrasies is the fact that he never wears a uniform unless going to a function where one is necessary. As a result he is often mistaken as a rating but he insists that anyone who needs to know who he is should know him already.