Staff Sergeant Mike Hawkyard

RWSS - X-Wing Maintenance Chief

Current assignment: X-Wing maintenance Chief, attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Liberty.

Technical Specialty Sabacc
Side Arm Vibro Blade
Favorite Beverage Vodka
Physical Description Classified


Mike had knocked around the galaxy for longer than he cared to think about. Thinking of the past was something he avoided for the most part.

He had two talents: a certain finesse at Sabacc and the ability to repair things mechanical. Specifically, the hardware necessary to keep a spaceship flying. Constantly repairing his battered old landspeeder to get him from game to game on whatever planet he found himself on; Mike did not care much for where he stayed. He owned enough chips to buy his next round and match most of the stakes his opponents offered. That was all he had needed for a long time.

He had a close relationship with his father, who he had idolized since he was a kid. He used to joke about how he would return home one day with more than enough credits to buy a star ship in which the pair of them could explore the Galaxy. But that day was a long way off and Mike usually had a game to get to.

But with ruthless efficiency and raw power the might of the Empire saw to it that day would never come. Mike's father was on Alderaan when the Empire's Death Star destroyed it. He had visited his father shortly before he was killed. He could still remember his fathers' excited face when he announced his forth-coming exhibition on Alderaan. "This would be big", he had said. He had arranged to meet with Mike when the exhibition was over.

His father never returned.

Time had passed slowly and Mike now found himself on the decks of the Cruiser Liberty. The Rebel Alliance had found his talent for repairing spacecraft very useful over the last few years. This new assignment was a chance to do some real damage to an evil dictatorship that destroyed his life without even noticing it. Besides, the so called hot-shot pilots he had run into within the Alliance were always up for a few games of Sabacc between missions.