Tie Fighter Tactical Operations Briefing

Battle 1, Mission 1

Patrol Jump Point D-34

Craft: TIE Fighter (Alpha 1)
Warheads: None

Primary Goals:
Inspect 100% FRT Onece (5 craft)
Inspect 100% Transport Dayta (2 craft)

Secondary Goal:
Capture Onece 3

Bonus Goals:

Essentially, your mission in this operation is to patrol an Imperial way station, and inspect any craft that come through. There's no real threat to you in this mission, and it's very simple as first missions go. You'll start flying towards the platform, and one thing that should be obvious, but I'll state anyway, is to evade immediately. The design of this mission puts you flying directly at it at 90% throttle, and if you're not paying attention, it'll end your flying career real fast.

After going under it or above it, continue going straight. Two flight groups will hyper in ahead of you, consisting of 5 FRTs (Onece) and 2 stormtrooper transports (Dayta). Put all power into your engines, target Dayta 1, and throttle up. As you blow past it, hit the "T" key to target Dayta 2. If you time it right, you will inspect both in one pass. Next, target Onece 4. The ordering system of the freighters is staggered in a "V" formation, so the middle one is 1, just behind them and to the left and right is two and three (respectively), behind 2 is 4, and behind 3 is 5. Come in from the left towards Onece 4, inspect it, then follow the arm of the "V" up and inspect 2 and 1. Bypass Onece 3 and inspect Onece 5, and then pull right in behind Onece 3. Pull in close enough to it to inspect it, and notice that it is carrying Rebels (the others had Foodstuffs).

Put all power into lasers, match speed, and proceed to drop the shields. The platform will dispatch a pair of transports to disable it, but about the time that the shields on Onece 3 fail, 3 shuttles will hyper in (FG Roe).

Roe 1 will target you, and the other two will target your wingmen. You don't get any bonuses for inspecting them (they all show "No Cargo" anyway), so don't bother. Just take them out, and prepare for the next wave of 3 shuttles (FG Escro). Again, Escro 1 will target you, so take care of it first. At this point, Onece 3 will probably have been captured, thus completing all secondary goals. All the primary goals were completed back when you inspected the freighters and transports so feel free to return to the platform and end the mission.

Author:   Damon Dellamarggio (Syntax, Rogue Four)
Strategy: Damon Dellamarggio (Syntax, Rogue Four)