Tie Fighter Tactical Operations Briefing

Battle 1, Mission 1

Red Alert

Craft: TIE Fighter (Alpha 1)
Warheads: Concussion Missiles (4)

Primary Goals:
PLT D-34 must survive until all other goals are completed.
ISD Hammer must arrive (approx. 7:00 into mission)

Secondary Goal:
Inspect SHU Scutz

Bonus Goals:
Destroy 100% CRV Ubote (3 craft)
Capture SHU Scutz

Essentially, the Rebels and pirates from the previous mission are mounting a mediocre offensive on your home base, PLT D-34. It'll consist of a mixed group of pirate and Rebel Y-wings, and later culminate with an attack by 3 Corellian Corvettes.

Author's note: despite the mission briefing claiming there will be X-wings and other craft in the Rebel/Pirate strike force, this is erroneous information, as no such craft will enter the area.

When you start the mission, nothing will hyper in immediately. However, the first thing to come in will be a lone Y-wing called Poldur, designated a pirate craft. It'll target you, so you'll want to dispatch it with a pair of concussion missiles, and then finish it with lasers. Right behind Poldur is 5 Y-wings from FG Gold (designated Rebel) targeting D-34. Order your wingmen to attack these craft, then pull in behind them and kill them with lasers. Try not to let them in torpedo range, and try to refrain from using missiles on them (since you'll only have 1 pair anyway). When they're dead, you'll have a little bit of peace before another lone pirate Y-wing (Laire), and a group of 3 Rebel Y-wings (Red). After they're dealt with, a lone shuttle (Scutz) will come into the area on the OPPOSITE side of the combat zone. Race to intercept it, then inspect it as you blow past it, and then come about and drop its shields. PLT D-34 will send out some craft to disable it and capture it. The final threat is a trio of CRVs in FG Ubote. Exploit their blindspot (directly aft, along their flight plane so that the topside and belly turrets can't target you) and destroy each of them. You don't get any bonuses for inspecting them, so don't waste the time. After you've taken care of the three Corvettes the ISD Hammer should have hypered in, so return to either PLT D-34 or the Hammer and end the mission.

Author:   Damon Dellamarggio (Syntax, Rogue Four)
Strategy: Damon Dellamarggio (Syntax, Rogue Four)