Tactical Operations Briefing

Combat Chamber: Gun Mission 1


Craft: Assault Gunboat (Mu 1)
Warheads: Concussion Missiles (16)

Primary Goals:
Destroy 100% of mine T1-A (9)
Destroy 100% of mine T1-B (9)

Secondary Goals:
Inspect CN/D Pi
Disable TRN Weet

Bonus Goals:
Destroy 100% of Y-wing Red (2)
Destroy 100% of B-wing Blue (3)
Destroy 100% of X-wing Gold (4)
Destroy 100% of A-wing Red (5)
Destroy 100% of Y-wing Blue (6)

This mission plays a lot like 'Shields & Minefield' from XvT, but it's far easier. You'll start in a Gunboat out about 1.8 klicks from an 18-mine minefield consisting of Type-A mines (laser-firing mines). Behind you will be SPC Scythis, which will remain where it is for now. Set recharge rates to 100/100 and bring throttle up to 33%, and close on the nearest mine. When you're at about 1.35 klicks the mine will be in firing range, so try to get a clean shot at it before then. Each mine takes one shot to destroy, so once the first one is gone, target another and fire. Realize that you'll be moving into the minefield constantly throughout this, so more and more mines will get a clean shot at you. Hence, you'll want to juke and weave to avoid laser fire, but you should be able to target some mines visually and aim accurately without using the CMD. Doing this will save a lot of time, as you won't have to hit "R" or your "target ship in sights" button to accurately fire on a mine.

One note: As opposed to the XvT version of this mission, where you had to be targeting the CN/D Pi when you flew near it to cause the Rebel transport to leave, you merely have to be near the container in the TFCS version. Hence, always check your distance to the CN/D when you're clearing the minefield or you might make the transport try to escape prematurely, which makes your job marginally harder. After the mines are gone, inspect the CN/D Pi. If you didn't cause it to already, the TRN Weet will escape from the container and try to escape. Whatever you do, do NOT use the lasers/ion toggle trick to drop Weet's shields quickly. Realize that you're toting 16 concussion missiles, and you could dumbfire one right up the TRN's engines and fail your secondary goal. Instead, speed up and use lasers to drop the Weet's shields, and then disable it with ion cannons. After this, the SPC Scythis will come alive and close to capture the Weet.

When this happens, feel free to destroy the CN/D Pi using lasers, and then stick around for some dog fighting. Two Y-wings from FG Red will hyper in and target you. Despite being Y-wings, they've only got their cannons, and they'll only use their lasers against you. Switch to missiles and target the closest one with a fire-linked set. Let 'em rip when you get a clean lock, and then destroy the other Y-wing with lasers. Next will be a set of 3 B-wings from FG Blue. These will also only have lasers. Target the nearest one, send off another pair of concussion missiles when you get a red lock, and fire on the next-nearest B/W with lasers. Since you might take some damage from the 3rd B/W while attacking the second one, use ions to disable the second and then kill the third with lasers. After that, cut throttle and allow yourself to recharge shields and lasers. After you're at full, destroy the B-wing and switch back to missiles. 4 X-wings from FG Gold will enter the area, and repeat the same procedure you used with the B-wings, taking into consideration that there's 4 craft, not 3. Again, Gold won't have missiles. After Gold is dispatched, 5 A-wings from FG Red will come in. These WILL have missiles, and they'll all go for a lock. Hence, don't waste missiles on the closest fighter on the first pass. Instead, shoot down their missiles and try to hit as many as you can with lasers on the initial pass to make them go evasive.

ther note: "Rabbiting" with the A-wings does NOT work, even with recharge at 0/0. The A-wings are faster, and have missiles. Don't try to "rabbit" to lure them off and pick them off one-by-one.

Target the nearest A/W that went evasive, and get a missile lock. Send a pair of missiles up its engines, and prepare to evade the other A/Ws. By this point, the AI will probably have regained its senses and turn around to fire on you. Repeat the same procedure as when the A/Ws first entered to kill off the rest of them.

After the A-wings, another squad of Y-wings will come in as part of FG Blue. However, there are 6 of them now, and they've got missiles. Repeat the procedure you used with FG Red to kill them. You CAN try "rabbiting", but I don't recommend it in the moderately slow Gunboat against Y-wings with missiles. After the Y-wings are gone, feel free to end the mission.

Author:  Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy:  Syntax, Rogue Four