Tactical Operations Briefing

Combat Chamber: Gun Mission 2


Craft: Assault Gunboat (Mu 2)
Warheads: Concussion Missiles (16)

Primary Goals:
50% of all Rebel craft must be destroyed (5 starfighters)
Disable CARG Filcher
Disable CARG Riirdo
Destroy 100% of E/S Devil

Secondary Goals:
Destroy CARG Redbill
Destroy CARG Wippet

Bonus Goals:
HLF Amgis 1&2 complete mission.

At the start of the mission you'll come in behind a pirate/Rebel cargo operation. TRN Sigma (2 craft) will vector in on CARG Filcher and Riirdo, so you don't need to worry about them. In essence, Sigma does the two disabling goals for you. Divert your attention to the Escort Shuttles from FG Devil, switch to concussion missiles, fire-link them, and set off two pairs for each E/S. This will destroy them without much of a problem. Just make sure not to get too close, or they'll fire their lasers at you and might accidentally shoot down your missiles.

4 Y-wings will come in and head towards the two TRNs from Sigma. Use missiles to kill them off. At this point, TRN Sigma should capture the two CARGs, and then will move to engage the two other CARGs (Redbill and Wippet). Your objective is to deal with two X-wings that will come in and target you. Use missiles on these, and the destruction of one of them will be your 5th starfighter, meeting the requirement of destroying 50% of all Rebel craft.

Kill the other X/W, and note the arrival of HLF Amgis, which will attempt to dock with tow two CN/As the pirates and Rebels were trying to capture. The heavy Lifters are exceedingly weak, so you'll want to cover them as much as possible. Two A-wings will come in fairly close to the HLFs and will attempt strafing runs. One pass is all it takes an A-wing to destroy a HLF (and fail a Bonus Goal) so act fast to dispatch the two of them.

After that, two B-wings will come in. They'll come in pretty far from the main area, so throttle up and use missiles to take care of them both. After the HLFs complete their mission, feel free to hyper out and quit.

Author:  Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy:  Syntax, Rogue Four