Tactical Operations Briefing

Combat Chamber: Gun Mission 3

The Challenge

Craft: Assault Gunboat (Tau 1)
Warheads: Concussion Missiles (16)

Note: the goals in this mission go on and on, so I won't list them here. Basically, you just have to destroy everything in sight, so this walkthrough will only list what craft enter the area, how many there are, and what they've got. Destroying them is up to you.

At the start you'll enter the area with a FRG, which will tell you to surrender and follow the single Y-wing escort from FG Red. Just like the mission briefing says, Imperial pilots never surrender!

Once the Y-wing has turned around to escort you in, use lasers to destroy it. This will cause 2 Z-95s from FG Gold to come in. Get a lock on the closer one with a fire-linked set of missiles, and destroy the other one with lasers.

Next is 2 B-wings from FG Blue. Again, repeat the same procedure.

Next is one A-wing. Don't bother using missiles on it, and just destroy it with lasers.

Next will be 4 Z-95s from FG Red, all of which have missiles. Try to get a missile lock on as many as you can on the first pass, and destroy the missiles they shoot at you. Engage them with lasers and destroy them.

Next is 6 A-wings from FG Blue, which also have missiles.

Author:  Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy:  Syntax, Rogue Four