Tie Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber MIS Mission #1, Dual Warheads

Craft: Missile Boat (Mu 1)
Warheads: Concussion Missiles (40)
	      Heavy Rockets (20)
Beam: Tractor

Primary Goals:
Destroy 100% of CN/Is (8)
Destroy 100% of SHUs (8)
Destroy FAC Organarms

Secondary Goals:
Destroy 100% of FRT Atrivis Day (4)
Destroy 100% of CNVYR Altar Moon (4)
Destroy CTRANS Kempman

Bonus Goals:
Destroy 100% of Y-wing Red (4)
Destroy 100% of B-wing Gold (4)

At mission start, fire-link both your warhead systems. There are 8 CN/Is in the area (2 groups, Xi and Pi, 4 CN/Is per group) and 8 SHUs (2 FGs, Blue and Red, 4 SHUs per group). The shuttles are at 0% shields, and despite the fact that they've got full systems, they're not moving. Target the FAC which is dead ahead, switch over to Concussion missiles, and toggle through the FAC's components ("," key) until you get to the warhead launcher. Once you get a clean lock, fire off 2 pairs of Concussion missiles, and then switch to rockets. After the Concussion missiles destroy the missile launcher, get a lock and send off 14 HRs. This will kill it. Target the nearest shuttle, close, and destroy it with lasers. Destroy the CN/I it was near, and then repeat the procedure with the rest of the SHUs and CN/Is.

After this is done, 4 Y-wings from FG Red will come in, targeting you. Move quickly to get missile locks on them and destroy them, using your tractor beam as necessary to maintain the lock. Make sure you're using Concussion missiles, as you don't want to waste your heavy rockets on Y-wings. Some time while you're fighting the Y-wings, a convoy of 4 Modular Conveyors, 4 freighters, and one container transport will hyper in. After the Y-wings die, 4 B-wings from FG Gold will come in. Repeat the procedure you used for Red, and then switch over to the 6 HRs you have left. Get a lock on the CTRANS and fire off a pair, get a lock on the nearest FRT and fire off a pair, and get a lock on another FRT and fire off the final pair. Switch over to any remaining Concussion missiles you've got and use them to destroy any surviving craft. After they're all dead, feel free to hyper out and quit.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax