Tie Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber MIS Mission #3, Disabling Minefield

Craft: Missile Boat (Tau 1)
Warheads: Advanced Missiles (40)
	      Space Bombs (10)
Beam: None

Primary Goals:
100% M/CRV Dagger complete mission.
Destroy 100% Type-B mines (18)

Bonus Goals:
Destroy CRL Planka
Destroy 100% of SHU Lucoda
Destroy 100% of X-wing Yellow (3)
Destroy 100% of X-wing Gold (3)
Destroy 100% of A-wing Yellow (3)
Destroy 100% of A-wing Red (3)
Destroy 100% of A-wing Blue (3)
Destroy 100% of A-wing Gold (3)

In this mission, you start out in the midst of a minefield consisting of 18 Type-B (ion) mines that quickly disable the two M/CRVs from FG Dagger. You have 60 seconds before Rebel reinforcements arrive, so act quickly to clear out the minefield. After the mines are gone, CRL Planka will hyper in, so switch to space bombs and fire-link them. Acquire a lock on Planka and dump all 10 space bombs into it. This will kill it; so don't waste time watching it explode.

Instead immediately turn your attention to the 5 Y-wings the CRL launched from FG Gold. They're carrying torpedoes and intend to destroy the disabled M/CRVs. Switch over to advanced missiles and send a fire-linked set at each of the Y-wings before they can get into firing range. After the Y-wings die, target the two shuttles that left the Planka, from FG Lacoda, and send a pair of Advanced missiles up their engines. You'll have to act quickly, as they'll hyper out pretty soon after the Planka dies. There are two Z-95s from FG Yellow flying escort for the Y-wings. They're packing concussion missiles and intend to take you out. Shoot down their missiles, and then take them each out with a pair of advanced missiles.

Now a quiet waiting period with no action will happen for a little while. TRN Omega will hyper in as a reload craft, and ATR Omega will come in and dock with each of the M/CRVs, starting with Dagger 2, which will sit around, and then Dagger 1, the lead craft. Reload your missiles by giving a reload order to TRN Omega (Shift+B), and wait for both M/CRVs to hyper out.

After they leave, your wingman and ATR Omega will hyper out, and 3 X-wings from FG Yellow, which will target you. Soon after Yellow comes in, 9 A-wings hyper into the area (3 FGs, Yellow, Blue, and Red. 3 A/Ws per FG. Yellow and Blue target your reload craft, TRN Omega, and Red targets you). Yellow will be closest, so blow them away with fire-linked pairs of missiles before they can do any damage to Omega. Next, fire missiles at X-wings from Yellow on a head-to-head pass. Once two of the X-wings from Yellow are dead, 3 more X-wings from FG Gold hyper in, targeting you. Both X-wing FGs have magnetic pulse warheads, and the A-wings that attack you have Concussion missiles. Dispatch them all using any means necessary, and another FG of 3 A-wings will come in, designated FG Gold. They'll target you with missiles, so shoot down their warheads and then take them out. After that, feel free to quit the mission.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax