Tie Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber MIS Mission #4, Missile Boat vs. TIE Defender

Craft: Missile Boat (Tau 1)
Warheads: Advanced Missiles (40)
	      Advanced Torpedoes (30)
Beam: Tractor

Note: the mission goals in this mission would take a while to list, so I'll briefly summarize them in this TacOp. Just follow the instructions and you'll complete the mission and all objectives.

At the start, you'll see 4 T/Ds flying around (Rover 1-4) and 8 sitting atop CN/As (4 from FG Charley, 4 from FG Baker). CTRANS Thor is in the area, so you'll want to quickly target it and let loose a salvo of ATs to destroy it before it hypers out. After this, target each of the 3 Escort Shuttles and switch to advanced missiles, fire-linked. Fire 2 pairs at each E/S, and then target the nearest T/D from FG Rover. Set recharge rates on everything to maximum, keep the T/D in your sights, and engage the tractor beam to keep it from maneuvering. Fire off a pair of advanced missiles, make sure they hit, and then repeat the procedure for the other T/Ds from Rover. After that, immediately tell your wingman to wait (Shift+W) and then move in to destroy the T/Ds from Charley and Baker. You can use advanced missiles if you'd like, but lasers will suffice. While you're doing this, make sure to inspect all 8 CN/As and destroy them as well. At some point while you're doing all this, two CRVs from FG Xtram will hyper in. You can use lasers or Advanced missiles on them, but it's far easier to use 3 to 4 fire-linked pairs on each if you've got enough (depending on how many rockets you used to destroy CTRANS Thor). After all T/Ds and CN/As are dead, feel free to end the mission.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax