Tie Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber T/A Mission #3, Preemptive Strike

Craft: TIE Advanced (Alpha 1)
Warheads: Concussion Missiles (8)

Primary Goals:
Destroy 100% of A/W Red
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Red
Destroy 100% of B/W Red
Destroy 100% of X/W Gold
Destroy 100% of Y/W Gold
Destroy TRN Trole

Bonus Goals:
Inspect CN/A Reyue
Inspect CN/A Garble
Inspect CN/A Retuna
Destroy 100% of CARG Juble

This mission is a surprise attack on a Rebel storage area. When you arrive, no craft will be active with the exception of 2 TUGs, designated Toone 1 and 2 respectively. These TUGs are going around docking with each craft and waking them up. Hence, your primary objective is to destroy these TUGs as fast as you can. The faster you do this, the fewer "hostile" Rebel craft you'll have to deal with.

Order your wingmen to help you with the TUGs, and when they've been dealt with, turn your attention to TRN Trole. It was already active, but was waiting. From the start of the mission, it'll wait about 4:15 before resuming its goals. Throttle up, and kill Trole. This is made easier if you've killed the TUGs in less than 4 minutes, and Trole is therefore still docile.

Have your wingmen attack the 2 CARGs in FG Juble while you go around and inspect CN/As Garble, Retuna, and Reyue. After they've been inspected and the CARGs have been destroyed, tell your wingmen to help you attack any active Rebel craft. Once you've dealt with any threats, have your wingmen wait (target, then Shift + W), and kill the 3 CN/As along with all inactive Rebel fighters (2 craft in X/W Gold, 2 craft in Y/W Gold, 2 craft in B/W Red, 2 craft in Z-95 Red, 2 craft in A/W Red). After this is completed, feel free to either hyper out or return to the FRG to end the mission.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax