Tie Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber T/A Mission #4, Hyperdrive Upgrade

Craft: TIE Advanced (Alpha 1)
Warheads: Advanced Missiles (8)

Primary Goals:
FRG Laantis must survive
FRT Rasvin must survive

Secondary Goals:
Destroy 100% of X/W Red
Destroy 100% of Y/W Gold
Destroy 100% of B/W Blue
Destroy 100% of A/W Blue
Destroy 100% of Y/W Blue
Destroy 100% of SHU Silver
Destroy 100% of TRN Logan

Bonus Goals:
Destroy CRV Glaser
Destroy CRV Chiller

In this mission, you are defending your command ship (FRG Laantis) while FRT Rasvin boards it, so that it can install a new hyperdrive. You will be facing two waves of enemy fighters, with the first wave being Rebels and the second wave being Pirates.

A minute or so into the mission, the first wave of fighters will come in, consisting of X/W Red (1 wave, 2 craft), Y/W Gold (1 wave, 2 craft) and B/W Blue (1 wave, 2 craft). The Y-wings will be closest to you, and will be targeting the Laantis, so attack them first. The B-wings will target the Laantis as well, but they are not as big a threat. Once both Y-wings are down, kill off the B-wings. Feel free to use your wingmen for help. There will be many friendly craft in the area, ranging from T/Fs to T/Is, as well as your 2 wingmen.

The FRG won't give any cover fire, since its systems drop to 0% shortly after the FRT Rasvin hypers in. At some point during the dogfight with the Rebel fighters, 2 CRVs (Glaser and Chiller) will hyper in. Ignore them for now; your wingmen will deal with them later, and they pose no immediate threat right now. After all the Rebel fighters are disposed of, Pirate craft will come into the area. These craft consist of Y/W Blue (1 wave, 2 craft) SHU Silver (1 wave, 2 craft) and TRN Logan (1 wave, 2 craft). Both the Y-wings and the TRNs will be targeting the Laantis with missiles, so make them your first priority.

Have your wingmen pick off the TRNs, and then go for the Y-wings. Afterward, the shuttles shouldn't pose much of a threat. After all Pirate craft are destroyed, have your wingmen destroy the two CRVs. If you have any advanced missiles left over, feel free to use them to help out your wingmen. If this is all done correctly, you'll probably have about 2 minutes before the Rasvin even begins docking operations with the Laantis, so you'll want to cut throttle to 0%, and then set the time rate to 4X (press Alt + T until it reads x4 in the lower right-hand corner of the screen). Once the Rasvin docks with the Laantis, the mission will be complete and you can quit.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax