Tie Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber T/B Mission #1: Proton Torpedoes

Craft: TIE Bomber (Beta 2)
Warheads: Space Bombs (4)

Primary Goal:
Destroy XQ1 Abrihon

Secondary Goal:
Destroy XQ2 Bersabba

Bonus Goal:
Destroy XQ Cyrlus

This mission is identical to the XvT mission of the same name, but it's far easier, as no heavy craft come in to attack your command Frigate like in the XvT version.

You'll be flying a TIE Bomber loaded with 4 space bombs. Target the platform Abrihon and fire off all 4 once you get a lock. There are Z-95s buzzing around trying to attack you, but they're not a serious threat. Abrihon launches 2 (FG Adam), Bersabba launches 3 (FG Baker) and Cylrus launches 2 (FG Casper). Engage them with lasers, and try to avoid incoming laser fire.

Your wingmen should fire a bunch more Space bombs into the primary platform and kill it, and this will initiate the arrival of X-wing Blue, a flight group consisting of 2 craft. Tell your wingmen to attack them, and finish them off quickly. The death of Blue calls in 3 B-wings from FG Red. They'll target one of your wingmen, so move in and engage them. Kill them, and then target ATR Mako.

Mako can reload your space bomb compliment up to five times, so hit Shift+B to make it reload you. After you've been reloaded, target platform Cylrus and fire all 4 Space bombs at it. Reload again, and if Bersabba is still alive and no Space bombs are en route (toggle "T" to check if any bombs are traveling towards it) fire enough bombs to kill it. Do the same with Cylrus and quit the mission when you're done.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax