TIE Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber T/B Mission #3: Torpedo Run

Craft: TIE Bomber (Alpha 1)
Warheads: Proton Torpedoes (6)

Primary Goals:
Corvette Control must survive
Destroy 100% of SHU Enouck
Destroy 100% of SHU Xarxis
Destroy 100% of TRN Axet
Destroy TUG T-ST
Destroy TUG T-SP
Destroy 100% of CN/A Vic
Destroy 100% of CN/A Limi

Bonus Goals:
Inspect 100% of SHU Enouck
Inspect 100% of SHU Xarxis
Inspect 100% of TRN Axet
Inspect 100% of CN/A Vic
Inspect 100% of CN/A Limi
Destroy 100% of A/W Red
Destroy 100% of B/W Red
Destroy 100% of Y/W Red

At mission start, you'll want to set ELS to 0/0, and tell your wingmen to attack one of the two TUGs. This will give you a few seconds to vector in and make an inspection run on all the craft in the area, with the exception of the aforementioned TUGs. On your way towards the nearest target, probably one of the CN/As, set the other TUG to memory location F5. When you get close to the CN/As, set ELS to 100/100, and check to see if your wingmen have killed off the TUG. If so, hit F5 and tell your wingmen to attack the TUG you saved there.

Next, go in lazy arcs and inspect everything in the front area of where the targets are clustered. Try to inspect the TRNs from FG Axet (1 wave, 4 craft) first, and then move back and try to inspect some of the SHUs in FG Enouck (1 wave, 3 craft) and FG Xarxis (1 wave, 3 craft). When the TRNs from Axet start to wake up, divert your attention to them. Have your wingmen attack the nearest TRN that you've inspected, and try to use "mass-fire" tactics on one TRN at a time, where you and all your wingmen strafe one TRN at a time from all angles. This tactic should kill it fairly quickly. Follow suit with the other TRNs, trying to keep them out of missile range of the CRV Control. If the Control dies, you lose, so try to act quickly.

After the TRNs die, go for the shuttles in Xarxis and Enouck, which should have woken up by now. Again, try to use mass-fire tactics, but make sure to ONLY do this on SHUs that you've already inspected. If you see a SHU that you haven't inspected yet, tell your wingmen to ignore it (Shift + I), and then inspect it. After you've done this, feel free to have your wingmen attack it. Destroy all SHUs this way, making sure to inspect them all, and then Rebel starfighters will come into the area. The first wave is Y/W Red (1 wave, 2 craft), followed by A/W Red (1 wave, 3 craft) and then B/W Red (1 wave, 4 craft).

After you destroy all rebel craft, tell all your wingmen to wait (target, then Shift + W), and go destroy the CN/As. After this is done, you'll have completed every Primary and Bonus objective. Return to the CRV Control to end the mission.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax