TIE Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber T/D Mission #1: Custom Dogfight

Craft: TIE Defender (Delta 1)
Warheads: Concussion Missiles

WARNING: While this TacOp is generally short, playing this mission will take a very long time using this method. The mission goals are not listed with this TacOp because of their immense number, and it would take over a page to list them all.

Before beginning the mission, realize that while this mission is almost identical to the XvT level of the same name, there is one major difference. Unlike the other version of Custom Dogfight, this one allows you to tell the enemy craft to wait. Yes, wait. They'll cut their throttle, cruise to a stop, and allow you to open fire on them until they die. Of course, this takes some of the fun out of the level, but if you want the maximum number of points, keep reading. Otherwise, follow the mission as the in-game instructions tell you to.

At the start of the mission, you'll see multiple containers, labeled with ship types (X-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, and Y-Wing), and one labeled Challenge. Put recharge rates at 100/100, and throttle up in the direction of CN/E X-Wing. Inspect it, but do NOT destroy it. The inspection of the container will call in X-Wing Novice. After it's done hypering it, tell it to wait, and then fire on it AFTER it has reached 0% throttle and 0 MGLT. After the first Novice dies, a second will come in, followed by the first of X-Wing Officer. Tell both of these to wait, and repeat the above procedure for X-Wing Novice (#2). Note: There are no FG numbers for any craft, so you may want to keep a running tally in your head of how many of each FG you've destroyed. The destruction of Novice #2 will bring in #3, and so forth. There are 10 craft per FG, and after the 10th Novice has died using this method, kill Officer #1, which will bring in Officer #2 and Veteran #1. Tell both to wait, and then use the same method you used for Novice to take care of all 10 of Officer. Rinse and repeat the procedure for FG Veteran, Ace, and TopAce. After all X-Wings are dead, kill CN/E X-Wing.

Repeat the procedure for the A-Wings, Y-Wings, and B-Wings, and then come about and fire on CN/E Challenge, which brings in hostile TIE Defenders (unlike the capital ships from XvT). Use the same method you did for the other craft, and kill all Defenders. After this is done, you'll have killed 250 enemy craft (5 craft types X 5 skill level flight groups X 10 craft per flight group = 250), and 5 containers.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax