TIE Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber T/D Mission #3, Inspect & Disable

Craft: TIE Defender (Alpha 1)
Warheads: Concussion Missiles (8)

Primary Goals:
Inspect 100% CNVYR Trawler (2)
Inspect 100% CNVYR Switch (2)
Inspect 100% CARG Juble (2)

Secondary Goal:
Capture CARG Juble 2

Bonus Goals:
Destroy A-wing Red 1
Destroy 100% of B-wing Blue (2)
Destroy 100% of X-wing Gold (2)
Destroy Nav Buoy B-52
Destroy Nav Buoy B-53

At the start of the mission, set ELS to 100/100, set lasers to quad-fire and concussion missiles to dual-fire. Nav buoy B-53 should be pretty close to your position, so target it and destroy it. The two Modular Conveyors labeled Trawler 1 & 2 will hyper in right on top of you, so move to inspect them both. They're both not hostile, so ignore them after you inspect them.

After they're inspected, a lone A-wing from FG Red hypers in and targets you. Go head-to-head and destroy this minor threat with lasers. After this, two more Conveyors hyper in from FG Switch. Inspect the two of them, and then ignore them; they're also non-combative.

After you've inspected them both, two B-wings from FG Blue hyper in. Use a pair of fire-linked missiles on each of them on the initial pass, and then finish them off with lasers. Two Cargo Ferries will hyper in from FG Juble. Juble 1 is safe, but Juble 2 contains Rebels onboard. Inspect it to confirm this, and then fire on it with lasers. When the shields drop, use ion cannons to disable it. Two X-wings from FG Gold will enter the area and target you. Use a pair of missiles on each to kill them easily, and then go off and kill nav buoy B-52. Wait until the Imperial assault craft docks with and captures Juble 2, and then end the mission.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax