TIE Fighter Combat Chamber Tactical Operations Briefing

TIE Fighter TacOp: Combat Chamber T/F Mission #1, Gunnery

Craft: TIE Fighter (Alpha 1)
Warheads: None

Primary Goal:
Destroy 100% of CN/D Target

Secondary Goal:
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Mover

Bonus Goals:
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Fighter
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Diad
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Triad
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Quad
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Quin
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Hex
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Dodec1
Destroy 100% of Z-95 Dodec2
Destroy 100% of X/W Dodec3
Destroy 100% of X/W Dodec4

This mission is identical to the Imperial XvT training op of the same name. Essentially, the only difference is that there's a different type PLT for you to use for cover, and the PLT really doesn't offer much help on defending you from multiple hostiles at a time like it does in XvT.

At the start of the mission, you'll be dead center inside a circle of 8 CN/Ds, designated Target (1 through 8, respectively). Take aim at the first one, and open fire. It shouldn't take too many shots to kill, and when it's dead, turn towards the next one, and kill it. Repeat this with the other 6, and then throttle up and head towards the PLT.

By the time you get into range, the PLT will already be launching non-hostile moving Z-95s for you to destroy (FG Mover 1 through 5, respectively). They will come out one at a time, and should be easy for you to kill. Following the death of Mover 5, try to position yourself directly above the center of the docking arm where the Z-95 Headhunters were launching. Make sure you're ABOVE it, or any subsequent craft will blindly ram you on their way out of the docking bay, ending the mission very quickly.

After a few seconds, the PLT will start launching 1 hostile Z-95 at a time, designated Fighter 1 through 5. After all members of FG have been killed, a pair of Z-95s in FG Diad will come out. After Diad is Triad (3), Quad (4), Quin (5), and Hex (6). After group Hex, Z-95 group Dodec1 (12) will come out. It leaves the bay as 2 groups of six, and most often, each group will split off in different directions, one going left while the other goes right.

For the groups of 12 fighters, you may want to strafe as many as you can, and then throttle up and pull away from the groups using "rabbit" techniques. After group Dodec1, there's another group of 12 Z-95s in FG Dodec2, followed by 12 X-wings in FG Dodec3 and 12 more in Dodec4. After you've destroyed all members of Dodec4, feel free to return to the PLT and quit the mission.

Author: Syntax, Rogue Four
Strategy: Syntax