Tactical Operations Briefing

Combat Chamber: T/F Mission 2

Wingmen and Orders

Craft: TIE Fighter (Alpha 2)
Warheads: None

Primary Goals:
    75% of X-Wings destroyed
    75% of Y-Wings destroyed
Secondary Goals:
    100% of Heavy Lifter group Pelican destroyed
Bonus Goals:
    100% of X-Wings destroyed
    100% of Y-Wings destroyed
    100% of CN/E group Xi survive
    100% of CN/E group Chi survive
    100% of CN/E group Pi survive

This fairly straightforward mission is just like the XvT Exercise mission of the same name. The only difference is the enemy flightgroups.

At mission start, you and your flightgroup of 6 T/F fly in formation, waiting for enemy craft. Behind you is the PLT Depot, with shields at 50%. 55 seconds into the mission, 2 X-Wings in flightgroup Blue enter, as well as 4 Y-Wings (2 in FG Red, 2 in FG Blue). Immediately target one of the X-Wings, and engage. After both of FG Blue are destroyed, two more X-Wings in FG Gold will enter. Following the death of Gold, 2 more in FG Red hyper in. The destruction of all the X-Wings will complete one of your primary goals, as well as one of your bonus goals.

Now it's time to take care of the Y-Wings. At this point, the Y-Wings have probably dropped the shields on PLT Depot, and Disabled it. They're probably about 3-4 klicks out from you, patrolling for enemy craft to attack, assuming you destroyed the X-Wings fairly close to their entry point. Throttle up, target Y-Wing Blue 1, and tell your wingmates to engage it. Once you pull into range of the Y-Wings, 2 Heavy Lifters in FG Pelican hyper in, targeting the CN/Es. Ignore them for now, and destroy the two Y-Wings in Blue. After they die, 2 Y-Wings from FG Gold hyper in, as well as four more HLFs from Pelican. Engage and destroy the remaining Y-Wings, which will complete the other primary goal, and one more bonus goal. You'll get a mission complete message, but your work isn't done if you want maximum points.

Swing around to bear on the HLFs, and destroy them all. They'll put up no resistance, and if you were fast enough in destroying the Y-Wings, they'll still be docking with the CN/Es. Destroy all six HLFs, and you'll complete every secondary and bonus goal. Upon completing this, feel free to quit the mission.

Author:  Syntax
Strategy:  Syntax