Tactical Operations Briefing

Combat Chamber: T/I Mission 1

Threat Display

Craft: TIE Interceptor (Gamma 1)
Warheads: None

Primary Goals:
    Inspect CORT Nomannic
    Inspect SHU StarTour 7
    Inspect TRN Seinar T4D
    Inspect TRN Seinar T5D
    Inspect CRV Ritam
    Inspect FRT Elorac

Secondary Goals:
    Capture FRT Sunnida 1

Bonus Goals:
    Inspect 100% of SHU Yagmar
    Destroy 100% of B-Wing Red
    Destroy 100% of B-Wing Gold

At the beginning of the mission, you will be at 0% throttle, resting on one arm of a platform. Throttle up to maximum, put ELS at 0/0 and head for the CORT Nomannic. Target it, fly within 0.10 klicks, and inspect it. Press the 'T' key once to bring up SHU StarTour 7. Head for it, and make a flyby, making sure to pass within 0.10 klicks and therefore inspecting it. Hit 'T' again, which will bring up TRN Seinar T4D, one of two Transports. Head towards it, and inspect it, and then press 'T'. The other transport, Seinar T5D, is about 1.5 klicks behind it, flying on the same vector. Be careful when making a head-to-head pass when trying to inspect it, because I've pulled it in too close and made a head-on collision more than once. After Seinar T5D has been inspected, press 'T' and call up CRV Ritam, which should be behind you. Head towards it, and then inspect. Press 'T' once more, and inspect FRT Elorac. All mission objectives are complete at this point, but if you want the maximum number of points, keep reading.

All the craft you just inspected will start to hyper out one-by-one now, but three new freighters, designated Sunnida 1, 2, and 3, will hyper in. 2 Shuttles will follow them shortly thereafter, designated Yagmar 1 and 2. Set ELS to 100/100, target Sunnida 1, and inspect it. Your Targeting Computer will show that it is carrying narcotics, and your commanding officer will order you to drop the FRT's shields. Open fire on FRT Sunnida 1 with lasers on single-fire, matching speed if you have to, and drop the shields. A friendly TRN will enter the combat area, and disable Sunnida 1. After this happens, the other 2 FRTs in FG Sunnida will attempt to flee. You may attack them at your discretion. If they get away too quickly, set your lasers to quad-fire and target each of the shuttles from FG Yagmar, and inspect them both. After this is done, destroy them. After the TRN has docked with Sunnida 1 and restored it, it will hyper out, followed by the now friendly Sunnida 1. After another minute or so, the mission gets interesting again.

Two B-Wings from FG Red will hyper in about 15 klicks out from the Platform, and will target it. Throttle up, putting ELS at 0/0, and head towards the B-Wings. When you get in range, put ELS at 75/0, and fire on the nearest B-Wing. You'll have to move fast, because once one of the B-Wings has died, his wingman will attempt to flee, and 4 more B-Wings will enter from long range. Destroy the second Red B-Wing, and then come about once the 4 B-Wings from FG Gold hyper in. Destroy the four of these, and then feel free to return to the platform and end the mission.

Author:  Syntax
Strategy:  Syntax