Tactical Operations Briefing

Combat Chamber: T/I Mission 4

Combined Attack

Craft: TIE Interceptor (Alpha 1)
Warheads: None

Primary Goals:
    Destroy 100% of SHU Revt
    Destroy 100% of TRN Bultz
    Destroy 100% of TUG T-SE
    Destroy 100% of TUG T-SF
    Destroy 100% of Y-Wing Gold

Secondary Goals:
    Destroy CN/A Duce 1
    Destroy CN/A Duce 2
    Destroy CN/A Duce 3

Bonus Goals:
    Destroy CTRANS Moth

At mission start, you'll be about 6 klicks out from the cache of craft that you have to destroy. Throttle up, putting ELS at 0/0 for the moment, and target the nearest TUG, and vector in towards it. When you pull into range, set your ELS back to 100/100, and engage it. The TUGs in FGs T-SE and T-SF are your primary targets. This is because the other craft in this mission are disabled and the Tugs are going around bringing them back online by docking with them. If you can kill the Tugs, the other craft can't be restored. There are 3 Tugs in FG T-SE, and 3 in T-SF, and they're generally pretty weak, so if you set your cannons to quad-fire and take a couple of clean shots at each Tug, it shouldn't be too hard to destroy them.

After you've wasted all the TUGs, target the Shuttles in FG Revt (3 craft), and destroy them. More often than not, if the Tugs manage to bring any craft online, it's usually the shuttles first. The shuttles are also the most maneuverable craft in the area, and will pose the greatest threat if they are restored. After the shuttles are dealt with, go for any other craft that were restored. This could be any of the Y-Wings in FG Gold (3 craft) or in FRT FG Bultz (2 craft). Once all active craft are gone, go for the CTRANS Moth, which is fairly close to your location. It will fire back, so you may want to make multiple passes on it, and constantly weave and dodge while strafing it. After Moth dies, come about and destroy the other disabled craft. Once you've dealt with the other craft in the area, target and destroy all four CN/As in FG Duce. After all this has been done, feel free to end the mission.

Author:  Syntax
Strategy:  Syntax