Tie Fighter CS Tactical Operations Briefing

Battle 6, Mission 1

Protect Prototypes

Skill Level: Hard
Craft Type: Tie Advanced (T/A)
Number of craft: 1
Armament: Advanced concussion missiles (8)

Very simple mission objectives here: protect the new Tie Defender prototypes as they are transferred to a group of Cargo Ferries (CARG).

When the mission starts, veer to port (left) and begin a patrol. Within 30 seconds, a group of A-wings will enter the area to attack the patrol fighters, which include you. These A-wings are a diversion for a second group of fighters, B-wings, which will enter the area 2 minutes later or so and will make an attack run on the CARG's.

Therefore, don't get yourself into a heavy dogfight with the A-wings. Stay on the perimeter of the dogfight and toss in a missile every so often until the first group of B-wings enters the area. Once they arrive, jet straight for them and blast the pair away.

Keep doing this - kill A-wings with missiles and destroy new group of B-wings - until all Rebel fighters have been destroyed.

Once that is done, you'll get the audio confirmation: "The mission is a success!"

Author:  Marc Desrosiers (Prowler, Buccaneer XO)
Strategy:  Marc Desrosiers (Prowler, Buccaneer XO)