Tie Fighter CS Tactical Operations Briefing

Battle 6, Mission 2

Prevent Rebel Ambush

Skill Level: Hard
Craft Type: Tie Advanced (T/A)
Number of Craft: 1
Armament: Advanced Concussion Missiles

As soon as you visually enter the bright's (T/A) cockpit, pull back on your joystick 180� and fire a missile at one of the A-wings that was going to ambush you from behind.

You don't want to get into a dogfight, however, as a group of torpedo craft (Y-wings in this case) will be entering the area in a few seconds. When they do, go after them with a missile/quad laser frenzy until they are all destroyed.

The first group of Rebel fighters (A-wings and Y-wings) should be cleared by now. If not, mop the rest of them up with lasers.

When that's done, flip around 180� and head at ELS 0/0 for the ESC Hindenburg, your mission critical craft. Target, inspect and destroy the two mine-laying Corvettes, as the type-A mines they are dropping off are severe threat to the ESC.

Now destroy the minefield.

Once that's done, help your wing mates wipe out the 2 waves of X-wings and then the final wave of B-wings, which will be targeting the cargo containers.

Author:  Marc Desrosiers (Prowler, Buccaneer XO)
Strategy:  Marc Desrosiers (Prowler, Buccaneer XO)