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Tactical Operations Briefing

X-Wing Alliance - Prologue: Family Business, Mission 4

Sticking it to the Viraxos: Covert Delivery

Skill level:  Hard
Craft:  CORT YT-1300
FG:  Sabra
# of Craft:  1
# of Waves:  1
Armament:  None
Countermeasures:  None
Mission Objectives:
    Deliver Spice to Viraxo 54
    Viraxo Craft 25% Destroyed
    Return Home Safely
    Aeron Picked up by Andrasta
    CORT Venix: Destroy
    Correllian Transport Sabra: ID'ed by any Imperial craft
Bonus Points:
    (80) Destroy CORT Venix
    (100) Destroy PES Enkidu
    (100) Destroy 100% of CF VCF 085
    (100) Destroy 100% of CT/2 VCF 098
    (300) Destroy 100% of Stavro squadron

This is the first level in the game with any real challenge to it. The key to this mission is quick kills. Your main threat in this mission will be the Razor Fighters Starvo, 4 craft, 3 waves. You need only kill them and PES: Enkidu to destroy 25% of Viraxo craft. You will get bonus points for killing any other Viraxo craft.

As soon as you launch set ELS to 75/75. Then target the bouy and hyper to Viraxo 54.

NOTE: It is important to adjust your ELS to 75/75 before you hyper. This will cause the first wave of fighter group Starvo to target the FRS: Andrata instead of you.

Once you exit hyperspace press "R" then "T" to target Rzr/F: Unknown 13-2. Press "Shift-A" to tell Emon to attack this craft. Now press "Y" to target Rzr/F: Unknown 13-1 and destroy it. After it is destroyed kill any Rzr/F's that are targeting you, (these should be your top priority all throughout this mission), or kill the nearest one. Kill the other 2 Rzr/F's in this manner.

Once Rzr/F: Starvo 1-4 have been destroyed, press "R" to target your old friend the PES: Enkidu. Press "Shift-A" to order Emon to attack it as well. Kill the Enkidu. Once the Ekidu is destroyed, kill the nearest Rzr/F (Unknown 19-1). I am usually able to kill at least 2 before the Venix is disabled. Once the CORT: Venix is disabled kill any Rzr/F's that are targeting you! They are your top priority. Once you have destroyed the 2nd wave of Rzr/F's fly away from the combat area to make sure that only 2 of Rzr/F's in the next wave (Starvo 11 and 12) target you. Continue to kill Starvo's 11 and 12 then go after Starvo's 9 and 10. These last two should be a cinch since they are attacking the FRS: Andrasta, which is trying to board the Venix. After all the Rzr/f's are killed target the Venix, "O" key. Destroy the Venix once the FRS: Andrasta has completed its docking mission. You will lose 60 points but it is necessary to finish the mission.

Once you have blown the Venix to bits, all your mission objectives should be completed and you can feel free to hyper out. If you still want more points, dump your sheild power to your engines and attack the CT/2, the end of the snake of cargo containers. Once you get in laser range slow to 1/3 throttle. Destroy the CT/2 and all cargo containers behind it. Once you are close enough you may want to cut the throttle completely. Destroy the whole snake of cargos and even the front transport towing it.

NOTE: C/F1: Viraxo 54 cannot be destroyed. You can only damage it untill it is at 1% Hull. This is for storyline purposes.

Now is a good time to dump all power to the engines and start to fly toward the Hyper buoy. If you are feeling brave, stay and take out a couple of containers. The VSD should show up at this time. Hyper out to avoid any "Imperial entanglements." You will lose the mission if a TIE Fighter manages to inspect you. Once you hyper back to Azzameen base enter the hanger and continue your tour.

Author:  Michael Tolle (Mighty - Buccaneer 2)
Strategy:  Michael Tolle