X-Wing CD Tactical Operations Briefing

B-wing Historical Mission 1: Project Shantipole

Armament: None

Project Shantipole: An honored mission among B-wing pilots. To receive a mission complete, Shuttle Falcon must board FRT Upside, and then Falcon, B-wing Prototype 1 and CRV Shantipole must hyperspace away from the combat area.

Shuttle Falcon should do fine without you ever paying attention to it. I can't recall ever failing the mission because of the shuttle. The real trick is preventing CRV Shantipole from being disabled by the attacking transports.

At mission start, set throttle to full and head toward the CRV directly in front of you. Inspect it if you want, it's the Shantipole. Target it, and press Shift-[F5] to assign it to memory key F5. Now it's time to get to work on those incoming TRNs. Link your cannons, set laser and shield recharge to 100 % and use the [T] key to scroll through the target list until you find the nearest transport. (You can't use [R] to find the nearest TRN target; so quick scrolling through your target list is essential.)

The first two TRNS you find will be coming after you. Take them out, and then press F5 to target Shantipole. The key to the mission is sticking by Shantipole (between 0.5 - 1 klick or so away) and intercepting the TRNs. There's nothing worse in this mission than locating Shantipole two klicks away and watching the TRNs fill her with ions while you try to get back and help. There are a total of 16 TRNs to kill. Some of them enter at specific times, which means you need to work quickly or you'll be overwhelmed.

Try to fire on any TRNs that are attacking Shantipole to force them to break off their runs. If a TRN starts attacking you, kill it quickly and return to Shantipole. Frequently press F5 to check your position in relation to Shantipole, and use [T] and the distance indicator to locate the nearest threats. It's a fast paced battle until you've killed the TRNs. Once they're gone, you're pretty much in the clear. You can take your time blindspotting, the CRVs (line up right behind their engine blocks) and take them out. Blue Squadron's X-wings will help you. After that, close your S-foils and wait for Shantipole to jump out for the mission complete.

Author: Nova, Buccaneer Three
Strategy: Nova