X-Wing CD Tactical Operations Briefing

B-wing Historical Mission 4: B-wing Attack on the Shrike

Armament: Proton Torpedoes (12)

This simple mission recreates the B-wings first use in its primary role of attack craft against Imperial frigates. At mission start, lock and fire all 12 torpedoes at the Shrike and order your wingmen to attack it. Link your lasers, head in on the Shrike and begin making laser runs, weaving to avoid return fire from the Frigate. Break off when you need to engage the TIEs, TIE Bombers, and assault gunboats, which provide resistance. Generally, the four A-wing escorts you have with you do a pretty good job handling enemy fighters. Once the Shrike's shields go out, disable it with your ions, then switch to single-fire lasers to give yourself a greater chance to earn the kill shot. (You could also order your wingmen to attack something else while you finish the FRG for the full kill, but hey, that's selfish.)

With Shrike dead, you can safely exit the mission or continue fighting. Blindspot the CRVs, taking care to watch for the gunboats who see you as a sitting duck behind the CRVs. Taking out both corvettes shouldn't be too much trouble. Hyper home with an easy victory thanks to the B-wing.

Author: Nova, Buccaneer Three