X-Wing CD Tactical Operations Briefing

B-wing Historical Mission 6: Death Star Trench Run

Dump all laser energy into your shields and set ELS to 100/0/50. Target the nav buy furthest from your start point. Ignore the fighters that are targeting you and sprint toward the trench beneath the nav buoy, weaving to avoid the TIEs' fire.

As you make the final dive toward the trench (you'll be making a left-hand turn to head toward the galaxy's most famous exhaust port), you've got to set yourself up for what's ahead. Set shield recharge to 0 percent, lasers to 100 percent, focus shields front and select and link your proton torpedoes. Doing all this now means you won't have be distracted with it while you're weaving your way through the trench, which can make you dead very quickly.

Now, you need your best flying chops. Bob your fighter when you get a chance between obstacles, and dump laser energy to shields frequently. I find it easiest to climb over the steelwork that's right in the middle of the trench, and duck under one side of the recurring T-shaped structures. As you approach the exhaust port, the laser fire in your face gets thicker, so be prepared. Line up your sights, fire a pair and pull up and out of the trench.

Great shot, kid, that was... well, you know.

Author: Nova, Buccaneer Three
Strategy: Nova