Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 1 Operation 1

Destroy Imperial Convoy

Ah, your first combat mission! And it is a cakewalk when flown the "expected" way. All you have to do is destroy four of the freighters and wait around for the other ships to do their jobs.

When you enter the mission target one of the FRT's nearest you and tell your wingman to attack it (SHIFT-A). Attack the other freighter that has it's shields already down. Once you have polished this one off with lasers, set your speed to maximum and your energy levels to lasers 50%, shields 0% and target the next freighter in sequence. Nothing is going to shoot back at you, so you don't need shields. Take out this next freighter with lasers and then target the next one. Finish that with your torpedoes at range and then you can just stop and wait for the mission complete message.

Where is the Frigate Anyway?

If you want the most kills or are trying to join Rogue, you have to find the FRG Gorgon. It will show up if you kill the last FRT in the mission (the one furthest from you). The easiest way to kill it is to target it first and head off to attack it at maximum speed (set your lasers to 50% charge, shields to 0%). Then work your way back to kill the other freighters. Be sure to tell your wingman to kill the two FRTs that start the mission with shields down. By the time you have polished off all of the freighters the Gorgon should arrive.