Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 1 Operation 2

Reconnaissance Mission

Flown to strict orders this is one of the lowest scoring missions in the game. All you need do is set your speed to maximum, lasers to 75% charge and shields to 0% and identify each ship as it hypers in. The only real danger is running into something by flying too close when trying to ID it. Be sure to weave a bit and transfer laser energy to shields often (SHIFT-F10) to keep them fully charged.

If you are up for a marathon mission to get the maximum possible points in any X-Wing mission included with the game, try to kill everything in this mission. There are lots of things to kill, including four capital ships (3 FRGs and 1 STD), lots of TIEs and CRVs. But be warned, the mission can take several hours to complete if you try to kill everything.