Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 1 Operation 3

Fly Point During Evacuation

This is the first mission that takes a little skill to complete. At mission start go to full speed and recharge your shields by dumping all laser power to shields (SHIFT-F10) and set recharge to shields 50%, lasers 100%. Fully charge shields and lasers and then set to 50%/50%. By this time an enemy Star Destroyer will have popped in. You must keep the fighters away from your shuttles, SHU group Arroyo. They will be attacked by TIE Fighter Alpha and Beta, Beta being the bigger threat.

Target a TIE and order your wingman to engage, then take the other in the group of two and kill it. Then move on to the next group. Watch your map carefully, if any TIEs have gotten past you and are heading for the SHUs target them and take them out with a torpedo, if you need to get in range, set recharge to 0/0 until you fire your single torp. If even one SHU is destroyed, the mission will be a failure. One last word, be careful, their are multiple waves of both Alpha and Beta to defeat.