Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 1 Operation 11

Capture Staff From Cygnus

TRN Kappa is the one carrying the tech team. To target it, press T four times at the start of the mission. After it has been identified, the rescue TRN will arrive. You need not concern yourself with it, as the mission takes care of itself and the rescue TRN is not in danger. The rest is just target practice. I suggest taking out the Gunship Mu first. To target it, press T ten more times after having identified Kappa TRN. Two linked missile shots (four missiles total) should finish it quickly, at a safe distance.

The only active threats in the mission are T/F groups Theta and Zeta. For maximum scores, take out the other TRNs that dock with the freighters before they hyper out. All other targets are sitting ducks, so take them out at will. The only difficulty in this mission is accidentally flying into the freighters as you maneuver.