Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD1 Mission 7

Recover Stolen X-Wings

In this mission you must help recover stolen X-Wings. The X-Wing that you have to go after is Number 2, lock onto him with your CMD and set up your weapons system to deliver Ion blasts, preferably linked. When the mission starts dump all laser energy into your shields and set power levels to 100/0/0 (E/L/S) and head for the second X-Wing at full speed (100). When within 1 klick of him, bring lasers up to 100% and set shield at normal or you will fly past. When you get closer set shields at max. Disable the X-Wing and then check for any TIE Interceptors. If any are closer than 1 klick you can blast them with dual fire lasers, if further away lock on and fire one torpedo, this may not kill him but it will make him take evasive action allowing you to catch up and blow him away!