Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 1 Mission 8

Rescue Sullustan Tech Staff

A couple of thing worth noting here: you do not have to kill all the Transports, the briefing is incorrect. Of course if you want maximum kills that's another matter! When you enter the mission press T four times and assign the transport to memory position one (SHIFT-F5) then press the T key another seven times and set this transport into memory position two (SHIFT-F6). Disable these two tranports in that order as quickly as you can using first your lasers to bring down the shields and then switching to ion cannons to disable them. When both have been disabled the rescue ships will arrive. Assign them to memory spots three and four so you can keep an eye on them at all times. Destroy T/Is Alpha and Beta. By this time the rescue TRNs should have docked and be on their way home. Keep an eye out for stray T/Is that go after them! If one slips past you lock onto it and launch a torpedo at him.

The best way to kill T/Is with a Y-Wing is to set engines to full throttle, lasers to 75% recharge and Shields at 25% recharge. This will give you the speed you need. Set lasers to dual fire, on the Y-Wing the lasers are great as they are so close together, one or two hits and a T/I is history! Make sure you transfer power to shields and rebalance them as needed, the Y-Wing is one tough craft. One last thing, ignore the T/Fs if the T/Is are nearby, as these are the main threat.