Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 1

Rescue from Star's End

Your first job is to take out the TRN that has docked with the FRT. Use dual fire missiles as quickly as you can so as it does not have time to board the FRT. Assign the FRT to one of your memory positions (Shift-F5), so as you can find it quickly again, do the same with your Wingman (Shift-F6). If you have a Top Ace Wingman it will help you. After you have destroyed the TRN, identify the FRT. This will bring the rescue shuttle out of hyperspace, then take out the following TIEs with dual fire lasers. Instruct your wingman to help you (Shift-A). The biggest danger is from the TIE Bombers as they fire torpedoes at the FRT which effectively ends the mission negatively. So you must head towards the STD at full speed and destroy the T/Bs early. Use a single torpedo on each from behind and keep them well away from the FRT. You have to keep checking the FRT area to make sure no TIEs have sneaked through. Make good use of your wingman. Once the rescue shuttle has boarded (R2 will tell you) and the pilots are aboard give cover to it until it can reach it's hyperspace jump point.