Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 10

Destroy the Intrepid

The real goal for this operation is to destroy the STD. The easiest way to do this is to head straight for it. At mission start, set ELS to 100/0, dump all energy to shields and target the STD. Tell your wingman to cover you with SHIFT-C. Keep recharging your shields as you fly to the STD and evade any missiles fired at you by T/Bs. Your wingman will get destroyed pretty quickly, but he'll provide some cover. You may ignore all other ships. Select linked torpedoes. When in range of the STD, about 2 klicks or less, set ELS to 100/50 and fire 3 torpedoes at each deflector tower. The torpedoes will have to be dumb fired, as no lock is possible, so be sure to aim them well. This will get the STD to shields down. You should now concentrate on dogfighting all the enemy ships nearby. The Gamma T/Bs and the GUNs are the most dangerous targets, as they will fire missiles at you. Take these out first. Your Y-Wings will have been destroyed at the beginning of the mission, but they'll keep coming back. Just like T/Bs, a new wave of Y-Wings will be sent in every time the old wave is destroyed. T/F Alpha and Beta will attack the Y-Wings, so try to kill these whenever possible. If you hang on long enough, the Y-Wings will fire their torpedoes at the STD and destroy it. This will complete the mission and you may hyper out.

Alternate approaches are to keep attacking the STD yourself. This will raise your scores. Keep blasting at it as described in the Tac Ops briefing on Eliminating Star Destroyers, by Eddie "Storm" Schenk. The Y-Wings will continue to attack the STD and will help you. If your lasers are the last ones to hit the STD, you will get credit for its destruction. You could also fire two torps at each tower to bring the shields down, then finish them with lasers, and save two torps for when the STD gets to hull damage. Linked torps at this point will kill the STD, giving you credit.