Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 12

Protect Princess Leia

The real threat to this mission are the 3 Gamma T/Bs and the 4 Delta T/Bs. At mission start, dump all energy to shields, set ELS 100/0 and full throttle. Target T/B Gamma 1 and assign it to your wingman. Target Gamma 2 for yourself. Ignore all T/Is and T/Fs. Keep recharging your shields as you fly towards the target. At one point, a group of GUNs will appear behind the T/Bs. They are not a threat to the mission, only to you. Concentrate on the T/Bs. When you get near them, evade the torpedoes fired at you, set ELS to 100/100 and circle behind the T/Bs. You may destroy the T/Bs with a single missile each. Make sure to switch to linked lasers to attack the last T/B in each group. If you inflict Hull Damage, it will head back to the STD and no more T/Bs of that group will be launched until it docks. Assign a GUN to your wingman, while you eliminate the Delta T/Bs in the same fashion. Again make sure to Hull Damage the last one in the group. Check the map frequently to make sure that no T/Bs have gotten past you. If they do, set ELS back to 100/0 and you should catch up to them. Otherwise, fire a missile at them. Once the initial wave of Delta and Gamma bombers has been dealt with, return to 100/100 ELS and dogfight the GUNs. After the first wave of GUNs is destroyed, a new one will come in at about the same position. Destroy this group as well. The Corvette should jump into hyperspace at around this time, thus completing the mission. Make sure that if the STD launches a new wave of Gamma or Delta T/Bs, you destroy them before they can get in range of Leia's CRV.