Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 2

Rescue Wookiee Slaves

Protection missions are often the hardest for many pilots. This is a relatively simple mission if you do things in the right order. The GUNs are targetting you and your wingmen. Take your time and mop up the GUNs first, then take out all of the initial T/F groups (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta). Finally, ID the FRT and then run interception on the T/F that are after the TRN (ZETA ios priority, Theta secondary). The Y-Wings won't show up until you ID the freighter, and now that all of the opposition is far away, they'll easily disable it.

Your wingmen may survive the initial onslaught if you send them after the GUNs with you, if they do tell them to WAIT near the FRT and if any TIEs slip past you have them attack those. But, you shouldn't need them if you just concentrate on looping in behind the waves of TIEs and taking them out cleanly. ELS of 100/0 is optimal for most of the interception part of the mission.