Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 3

Attack Weapons Convoy

You have a little time before the first of the ships appears, so use it to charge your shields. Soon, corvettes Hyko 1 and 2 will hyper in. Assign Hyko 1 to your wingmen and go after the Hyko 2. Don't use your torps, as they will be very helpful later. Fly into Hyko 2's blind spot, and use cannon fire to bring it down. If you notice that the Hyko 1 dies before you finish off Hyko 2, call your wingmen to assist you with 2.

Three Imperial shuttles will enter quickly (probably while you are finishing off the vettes). Target them and assign one to your wingmen. Then use dual-fire torps on the other two.

Next, a pair of shuttles come in, use cannon fire to take them out. If things start to get real hectic, order your wingmen to aid in the destuction of GUN's that are in the area. Break off your own attack as needed to destroy the GUN's. The groups only have one follow up wave, so destroy them as needed. Don't lose sight of the mission target -- the convoy. There will then be a pair of TRNs that come in. Use the rest of your torps on them, assigning your wingmen to GUN's and other convoy ships. Once they are destroyed, there will only be the FRTs left in the convoy. Command your wingmen to attack... with your help, you should make short work of them. Once they are done, hyper home.

This mission can take a while to master as there are a lot of ships that need destroying. The key is to assign your wingmen effeciently and frequently. There is also an X-Wing from Blue present, he should aid a bit. Break off to battle the GUNs whenever you encounter heavy fire. There are quite a few... destroy them all if you need too.