Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 4

Capture Stolen Freighter

Attack and destroy the four SHUs present at the start of the mission. You can soften the SHUs with one torpedo each and finish them with lasers, but make sure to save some torps for the T/Bs which will come in later.

Otherwise, just use lasers or ion cannons to destroy them. Ignore the TRNs, which will attack the FRT, disable it and then hyper out. When the FRT is disabled, the rescue SHU will hyper in. An enemy TRN will also arrive. It must be destroyed with lasers, or the rescue SHU will not be able to reach the FRT. A second TRN will hyper in when the first one is destroyed. Kill this one with lasers as well.

When the rescue SHU completes its mission, an STD will arrive. Fly at full speed, ELS 50/0 toward the STD, which will launch a wave of 3 T/Fs, followed closely by a wave of T/Bs. The bombers are the real threat, and must be destroyed before they get in range to fire their missiles at the FRT. Otherwise the mission will be a failure. Destroy the T/Bs with a single torpedo each, destroying the T/Fs if necessary. A second wave of T/Bs and T/Fs will follow the first. Remember that the priority is to take out the T/Bs. Keep destroying the T/Bs until the SHU and FRT have enough time to hyper out, and this will complete the mission. If you destroy 2 T/Bs in a group, and inflict hull damage on the third (with lasers), it will retreat to the STD. This will keep the STD from launching further T/Bs.

You can keep killing TIEs to increase your scores after the mission is complete. If you feel up to it, you could save some torpedoes and go after the STD.