Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 5

Protect Captured Satellites

There are two different start points on this mission depending on how mean the game is feeling. Both can be done without difficulty. All of the fighers/bombers are launching from the STD which is quite some distance away. There are a few on the way and some right on top of you. Set power at 100% lasers, 50% shields, full throttle & dual fire lasers. This will give you a speed of 90, which is a good speed to dogfight T/Is. Remember that one missile is enought to kill a T/B. The easy way is to kill all but one fighter from each flight group and then hull damage the last one, this will normally make the hull damaged craft flee back to the STD. No more fighters from that group can launch till the last one is killed or has returned to the STD. Use this to your advantage, by hull damaging the last one you can safely close the gap between the FRG & STD, so as when the next wave launch you are that much nearer to them, if things get too crowded use a missile to knock out a T/B, you can do this from almost point blank range, just make sure you don't get caught up in the debris as you may have noticed colliding with debris in the A-Wing can be an unpleasant experience. Remember if you close the gap and a T/I gets by you breakoff and lock a missile on him, as he has his mind set on the FRG he will head straight towards it as his perril. T/Bs are also very dangerous in these situations as just one or two will destroy the FRG quickly if they get close enough to get a missile lock. This is why it's best to close the gap ASAP.