Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 6

Ambush in the Cron Drift

In this mission, you must protect the FRT Ojai, the TRN Magnus, and the CRV Jeffery. Magnus will hyper out with no problem, so at the mission start, assign the Ojai and Jeffery to F5 and F6 on your memory. Charge shields and assign your wingman to one of the GUNs in the area. Take out the other in the group yourself.

Soon, TRNs will start to enter the area. These should become your prime targets, as they carry proton torpedos and will generously fire them at the Ojai and Jefferey. Since you are in an X-Wing, you will need to be stingy with your torps. Your best bet is to fire one torp into a TRN and then finish it off with lasers. The TRNs will appear around the same time, but far from each other. Send all power to engines and hunt them down. Once you are getting a lock, go back to a standard 100/50 setting so you can finish them off.

The GUNs Mu and Nu will prove troublesome, but they won't attack the Ojai or Jefferey. However, keep a look out for Tau, they will attack the Ojai. When they appear, continue to kill the TRNs, but assign your wingman to Tau, he will slow them down enough for you. If you don't allow too many torps from the TRNs to get through, then Tau will have a real hard time killing the Ojai. Keep on the TRNs and you should be ok.

This mission can be frustrating, but don't give up. Remember to assign your wingman frequently. If you use one torp per TRN, you should be able to eliminate them fairly quickly, which you must do if the FRT is to survive. If the GUNs are proving very troublesome, stop and take out as many as needed. Do not forget to destroy all the TRNs, or your mission will fail.