Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 7

Protect a Disabled X-Wing

At mission start, set ELS to 100/100 and charge your shields. Assign X-Wing Blue to memory position one (Shift-F5). Stay close to the X-Wing until the GUNs start coming in. You'll have 1:00 minute to prepare. Link your weapons and hit full throttle. When the clock reads 19:00, two groups of GUNs will hyper in. Hit T 3 times and assign GUN Mu to your wingmen. Hit T 3 more times to target Nu group and attack these. Be sure to use good wingmen, preferably Top Aces. Use the Top Ace wingman on the Liberty's Library if necessary.

The real threat in the mission are 3 SHUs which will come in succession and will attempt to dock with the X-Wing. As soon as R2 tells you that a shuttle has hypered in, press F5, then Y until you target the SHU. Pay close attention to the messages, so that you don't miss the arrival of the first SHU, which will be approximately when the mission clock is at 18:00. Ignore the GUNs until all 3 SHUs have been destroyed. Set ELS to 75/0 and change weapons to linked missiles. If the SHU is right on target, you may dumb fire the missiles. Otherwise, get a red lock. It will take 4 missiles to destroy each SHU. If a SHU docks with the X-Wing, get a red lock before firing and make sure that the X-Wing is not between you and the SHU, or you could accidentally destroy it. Approach any docked SHUs from the sides or the top.

Keep evading enemy missiles and recharging shields as needed, until the next SHU appears, and destroy it in the same manner. There will be a total of 3 enemy SHUs, and you have 12 missiles, so there should be no problem. When the third SHU is destroyed, the rescue SHU will appear escorted by 2 CRVs. You may now ignore these ships, and concentrate on the enemy GUNs, as the rest of the mission takes care of itself. Set ELS back to 100/100 and mop up until the X-Wing hypers out and the mission is complete.

This mission is easier to run using the X_REMAP utility found in the Liberty's Library section. With it, the ELS configurations can be programmed at mission start, and toggled back and forth at the touch of a button.

Special thanks to Saber, Gold 11 for many of the thoughts behind this briefing.