Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 2 Mission 8

Stop Hyperdrive Replacement

Flown the "easy" way this is one of the simpler missions in the game. So, if you want to figure it out yourself read no further!

At mission start, dump all laser power to shields using SHIFT-F10. Set ELS to 0/0 and full throttle. You may ignore all enemy fighters. Press Y once and assign to memory position one (SHIFT-F5), then hit Y two more times and assign to memory position two (SHIFT-F6). Select whichever of those two FRTs is closer and head for it. Switch weapons to torpedoes and link them. Get a red lock and fire all 6 torpedoes at this target.

Once the final salvo of torpedoes have been fired, switch to the other FRT in memory and select lasers and quad link them. When you are approximately 5 klicks from the remaining FRT, set ELS to 100/0 to recharge your lasers. When you get to 2 klicks, set ELS to 100/100. When you get in range, hit the \ key to stop and fire away at the FRT. It should take 25-29 quad linked laser shots to destroy the FRT. This will complete the mission. You may then hyper out.

If you are going for maximum scores, there will be plenty of T/Is to dogfight, and there is also the STD.